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Inno-Vita Liquid Compounds

What’s the difference?

Liquid Compounds are just that, liquid extracts of the very same capsulated formulas. Just like their dry counterparts, the Liquid Compounds are also free of all animal and human by-products. These liquid formulas were created to provide you as a health professional more delivery methods for your clients.

When comparing the ingredients of the liquid compounds with the capsule forms, there are two additions not found in the capsule formulas. The Liquid compounds are extracted into artesian spring water (more about this water below), and then further preserved with the addition of an organic grain alcohol which is less than 25% by volume.


To produce the most equivalent liquid extractions from the capsulated forms, Inno-Vita developed the Triple Extraction Process. This unique process utilizes three precise phases in which the herbs, FormCodes™ and other active ingredients are protected while being extracted into a liquid state.

Key to the Triple Extraction Process is extracting the herbal elements and FormCodes without harming or destroying these various components. In brief, this process is as follows: phase one of this process begins with a timed extraction in a certified organic grain alcohol. Once completed, the extracted alcohol is separated from the dry formula. Phase two is an extraction of the dry formula done with heat as the formulas are boiled in hot artesian water until a desired strength. The last process recognizes the value of various lignin and polymerized compounds within medicinal plants which can only be broken down and extracted with a carefully-prepared acidic solution. Once these three processes are complete, the three extractions are merged together to form the final Liquid Compound.