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Innovita Products We Carry


Adrenix supports the body’s own hormonal chemical balances and helps the body resolve psychological and physical stress.


Key Factors:

Helps body balance the glucocortisodes and the mineralcorticoides.
Helps body secret norepinephrine and epinephrine.
Supports body’s own anti-inflammatory system.
Helps body regulate blood sodium and potassium.
Helps body sustain mental and physical stamina.


Col-Trax provides beneficial nutrients to maintain friendly micro-flora which helps the body regulate and solidify digestive waste resulting in normal excretion.

Key Factors:

Supports the integrity of the large intestine.
Supports body’s own ability of water absorption and proper recycling of water.
Helps body balance pH levels.
Helps stimulate proper contraction and bowel movements.
Provides nutrients for friendly microflora in the G.I. tract.


Cerra-Logic helps manage the sensory functions of the body to process cerebral signals and execute them correctly.

Key Factors:

Aids prevention of sleep disturbances, headaches, anxiety and depression.
Helps the brain utilize oxygen more effectively.
Helps the body maintain adequate amounts of serotonin.
Supports the mind’s own ability of concentration and memorization


Di-Gessta helps the body’s own digestive mechanisms and stimulates efficient nutritional assimilation of food.

Key Factors:

Provides adequate amounts of multiple source plant enzymes.
Helps the body’s own ability of digestion and assimilation of food.
Supports the functions of the stomach and the small intestine.
Acts as systemic enzymes which working at the blood level.
Builds no dependency.


Inno-Vita’s Hypo-Thala formula is a synergistic blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals and enzymes to help the body promote optimal balance of the hypothalamus functions, endocrine system, and body’s biological clocks. It also helps body remove harmful neurotoxins that may interfere and disrupt effective communications between various nervous systems.

Key Factors:

Hypo-Thala is designed to bring balance to the Hypothalamus
Key Ingredients have influences on neurohormones
Aids in the elimination of toxins
A proper functioning Hypothalamus regulates the circadian cycles of the body


Kidney-Klear helps the body’s kidneys screen and purify waste, and maintain optimal salt balance in the body; helps the kidneys respond appropriately to the correct stimuli.

Key Factors:

Helps body’s own ability of balancing blood pH.
Helps the body to balance blood volume.
Helps the body sustain fluid homeostasis.
Helps body’s own permeability and filtering ability of metabolic wastes.


Livergy helps the body and the liver process protein, carbohydrates, and fats so key nutrients can be utilized; helps the body remove impurities and neutralize poisonous wastes.

Key Factors:

Helps body to store glucose in an appropriate form.
Helps body’s own ability of producing bile.
Helps body detoxify and cleanse from toxins and unwanted matter.
Helps body convert amino acids to glucose.
Provides key nutrients that support the body’s natural chemistry.


Motili-T™ is a compound of essential elements providing critical nutrients for healthy and optimal joint function as well as recovery from limited mobility. Unlike most other joint products, Motili-T™ contains plant based glucosamine HCI as well as scientifically and traditionally proven cofactors benefiting the joints.

Key Factors:

Critical nutritients for joint function
Plant based glucosamine
Bosewellia & Tumeric
L-Lysine & L-Proline
Vitamin C & Vitamin K


Permilung helps proper respiratory functions of trachea, bronchi, and lungs, promoting optimal gas exchange while helping the body inhale and exhale normally.

Key Factors:

Supports body’s ability of replenishing oxygen and transporting carbon dioxide, (the natural byproduct of metabolism).
Provides nutrients for bronchial tissues and their functions of eliminating foreign matters.
Helps body’s own ability of upward and downward diaphragm contractions.
Helps body maintain optimal air pressure.


Seda-Quil’s vital herbal based nutrients help the body feel calm and relief from various aches and discomforts

Key Factors:

Helps body’s own ability to alleviate various aches and pains.
Calm and soothing effect on the body.
Helps body’s own ability of communicating between the central nervous system and localized pain
Helps the body to accurately interpret pain in a timely manner.


Ser-Culate helps the body transport nutrients to the tissues and removes cellular excreta, and strengthens capillary tissue integrity.

Key Factors:

Helps body’s own systemic and pulmonary circulation.
Helps body’s own regulatory functions for optimal blood pressure.
Supports integrity and elasticity of blood vessels including capillaries.
Helps body transport nutrients and oxygen to necessary parts of the body


Thymassure helps the body program a strategic plan against infections which resists attack on body tissues.

Key Factors:

Helps body mature the lymphocytes.
Helps body’s own ability of defend against invading pathogenic microorganisms and harmful toxins.
Supports body’s proliferation of lymphatic activities.


Thyroiden helps the body provide adequate amounts of energy to the cells; supports the essential endocrine organs regulation of muscles and nerve cells.

Key Factors:

Helps body regulate metabolic pathways and sustain appropriate metabolic rates.
Helps body regulate calcium levels in the blood.
Helps the body’s own ability of balancing thyroid and parathyroid hormones.
Helps body to transport metabolic hormones to different tissues of the body.


Phung-EX helps the body rid itself of harmful mold, yeast and fungus, and eliminates unfriendly microorganisms in the digestive tract.

Key Factors:

Helps body to end the proliferation of dangerous fungus and end its toxic by-products.
Helps body’s own ability to effectively remove harmful funguses.

Similar to and can be a great substitute for FungDX.


Bacto-EX helps the body shield and fight against harmful microorganisms.

Key Factors:

Supports body’s own ability to release and remove harmful pathogenic bacteria.
Helps body to recover from various bacterial infections and infectious disease.

Capsules (60 count)