Acupuncture has been around for 5000 years and is a valuable technique in our practice. It focuses on twelve main meridians, or energy circuits of the body. There are approximately 360 named points along these twelve main meridians. Placement of acupuncture needles into these specific points adjusts energy to the meridian and to the organs connected to it. Acupuncture works well with chiropractic adjustments because both techniques focus on energy flow through the body.

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Adjustments – Manual

Two types of chiropractic adjustments are used in our office. One type is chiropractic spinal manipulation by hand or manual therapy. In this technique, we isolate a specific vertebra and apply a force in a specific direction. The vertebra move into a proper position and better function. As this adjustment takes place, a popping sound occurs which is carbon dioxide gas being released into the joint of that vertebra. Also, with this type of adjusting there is a dynamic stretch reflex which increases blood flow, relaxes muscles, and increases lymphatic flow.

Adjustments – Computerized

Two types of chiropractic adjustments are used in our office. One type is computerized chiropractic spinal manipulation with a Pro-Adjuster machine. This technology was developed by NASA and visualizes which vertebrae are not moving correctly. After determining which vertebrae need to be adjusted, a small instrument is used to move the vertebrae into appropriate position. The process is very light and not painful. This technique can be used for all patients including the very young to the very old.

BEST Technique

The BEST technique stands for bio energy synchronization technique. This treatment balances the autonomic nervous system and helps the brain communicate more effectively with the body and organ systems.

Max Pulse Heart Scan

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. The Max Pulse Heart Scan looks at both the heart and cardiovascular system, as well as the autonomic nervous system. This scan provides 15 different findings. With the help of the scan results, we are able to plan effective treatments for various cardiovascular issues as well as autonomic nervous system dysfunction.

Asyra Scan

The Asyra Scan is an electro-dermal screening test using 10,000 radio-frequency points, determining specific frequencies for organs, infections, and allergen sensitivities. The results help Dr. Giles effectively pinpoint weakened organs, infections, and sensitivities.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the origin and insertion of specific muscle groups. As pressure is placed on these muscle fibers, spasms diminish, and the muscle relaxes. This technique is very effective for people who have injuries such as motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, and chronic muscle spasms.

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Massage moves the lymph through a sluggish lymphatic system. When toxins build up in lymph vessels, due to trauma or leaky gut syndrome, the lymph becomes thick. This is similar to a cottage cheese-like texture in the tissue. We use the Lymph Star Pro, along with lymphatic massage, to break up this thick fluid. It is similar to taking cottage cheese and turning it into yogurt, then milk, then water. The Lymph Star Pro creates a negative charge on the body which breaks up the electrical bonding between protein and water that creates the sluggish lymph fluid. Lymphatic massage is very useful in treating patients who have swelling and chronic inflammatory illnesses.

Visceral Massage

Visceral Massage is an energetic technique designed to support organs in the body, making sure they are functioning correctly.

Due to various factors such as diet, stress, and toxins, the viscera or guts, will bog down and not work correctly. Using directed pressure and electromagnetic energy, viscera can be manipulated increasing their appropriate function.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a very relaxing, gentle massage technique. As gentle massage strokes are applied to the body, blood flow and circulation…

are delivered to oxygen deprived tissue. Swedish massage can be combined with other types of massage as well.

Craniosacral Massage

Craniosacral Massage is gentle manipulations of the skull and sacral area. Cerebrospinal fluid surrounds the brain and spinal cord.

As we move, the cranium and sacrum move as well causing a pumping action of the cerebrospinal fluid around the brain and spinal cord. Gentle manipulation of the cranium and sacrum creates effective function of this craniosacral flow. As well as freeing the cranium and sacrum, emotions that have been locked up within the body can also be released using this technique. The overall benefit of craniosacral massage is to bring a balance to the central nervous system.

Electric Muscle Stimulation

Electric Muscle Stimulation is used when there are muscle spasms in the patient’s body. Electrodes are placed over the belly of the muscle in spasm…

and small electrical currents are passed through the muscle. Various frequencies are used to cause different reactions to the muscles. Pain relief, muscle relaxation, lymphatic movement, and overall muscle reprogramming can be achieved with Electric Muscle Stimulation.


Bountiful Family Wellness Center has x-ray facilities that are able to take full body x-rays. We have high frequency x-ray that is able to penetrate and produce clear x-rays with less radiation.

We also use rare earth screens which multiply the effects of the radiation requiring less radiation to the patient. We are able to take the x-rays and view them the same day while the patient is in the office.

Emotional Release Technique

The Emotional Release Technique is a very simple method of updating conscious and subconscious emotions. The patient makes a list of three different factors.

Things they did, things they didn’t do, and things that were done to them that they wish never happened. From this list, the therapist is able to lead the patient through various processes that help him to update the emotions associated with past experiences. Both conscious and subconscious emotions are updated allowing for better function of the autonomic or automatic nervous system. It is very important to address past emotions in order to reach higher state of well-being.

Beam Ray

The Beam-Ray Light Beam Generator is a computerized treatment technique that creates light and sound frequencies which supports the body in creating an appropriate immune response…

response towards layers of infection, detoxification of organs, and support of organs. Patients are able to receive this therapy along with our foot bath therapy to support detoxification when patients are chronically ill.

Lymph Star Pro

The Lymph Star Pro is a computerized machine that is used in lymphatic massage. Lights are placed directly onto the skin of the… patient, producing negative ions that break down the electrical bond between undigested proteins and water. Undigested proteins and water bonds can become stuck within the lymph nodes. Utilizing the Lymph Star Pro, along with lymphatic massage, helps break down the clog in the lymph nodes and reduces lymphatic swelling within the body.

Foot Bath

he Cygnus Foot Bath is designed to remove toxins through a bath of the feet. Two light frequency heads are placed into a bath of water.

As these light frequencies are emitted into the water, they create far-infrared and other frequencies to the water. The patient’s feet are then placed into the water. During the 30-minute treatment, the frequencies within the water draw toxins out of the patient through the feet. This therapy is also used in conjunction with the Lymph Star Pro and Light-Beam Generator. This is a very effective technique when working with patients who have chronic swelling and inflammatory issues.


Intersegmental traction helps to regenerate disc tissue. As the vertebra are stretched, it causes a milking action on the disks.

This creates a vacuum effect within the disks and allows for increased fluid flow into the center of the desk. Healthy disks are vital for effective spinal health.


Within our licensure, chiropractors are able to inject homeopathics into patients. We have two types of injections we apply at Bountiful Family

Wellness Center. One type is for disk repair. The second type, called auto sanguineous injections, helps the body increase immune system to fight chronic infection. We treat many people with chronic infection such as Lyme disease and chronic fatigue syndrome.


Dr. Giles has found almost 90% of the patients he sees have significant pronation of the ankles. Pronation means the ankle moves towards the inside or medially, and the arch drops towards the floor. This usually creates a short leg on one side. Lumbar x-rays are used to determine this leg length discrepancy by measuring from the top of the femoral head to the bottom of the x-ray. Measurements are taken on both sides to determine if there is a difference. The placement of orthotics help to correct the ankle pronation, and lift material is placed on the bottom of the orthotic on the short leg side. This treatment levels the sacral base which provides an effective base for the rest of the spine. A level sacral base is vital in treatment of scoliosis.


The TBM technique stands for total body modification. This technique addresses the bio computer of the body and its communication to all of the organs.

This is a muscle therapy technique that is very effective in supporting the nervous system and the brain in its communication with all body organs.