Hey everybody, I’m Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Wellness Coach. That means I’m going to coach you on how to become well. Here in our office we work with the triangle of health as you can see here in this poster. The triangle of health is structure, emotion, and physiology. Now think about anything that you build, any kind of thing that we build that goes up, we need to use a triangle. Every square is made up of two triangles so there is strength in triangles. So when we discuss a triangle of health, we’re looking at this triangle, or this poster here. So we’re looking at structure, emotion and physiology. Under structure, we’re looking at chiropractic and specifically making sure that your vertebrae and other joints are in proper position, proper function. So as you look at this x-ray, we’re looking at a case of scoliosis. This is a front view of this person. So we’re looking at it and the vertebrae in the lumbar area in the low back are bent to the left. In the thoracic spine, or the mid back, they bend to the right and then back in the cervical to the left. That’s a very classic look of an S-shaped curve of scoliosis. I find on x-ray that about 90 percent of the people that I look at have some degree of curvature of the spine. What research shows is that the concave side of that spine creates a negative build up or negative charge as build up along that concave part. So you’d have a negative charge here, and negative charge on this side as well. That negative charge has a tendency to draw to it positive ions or positive charge. Positive charged things would be minerals like calcium and magnesium and other things that  actually will create bone spurs. So in this position over time you’ll start to have bone spurs build up on this side and on this side. Then we call that degenerative arthritis. In order for you to be healthy, your vertebrae, your spinal canal, your spinal cord needs to be straight. If it’s not straight, you’ll get degeneration. This spine is actually the conduit of your spinal cord. Your spinal cord is an extension of your brain. Now think about that. That’s a big deal. So we want to make sure that things are correct and in position. If you’ll notice right here, this is the femoral head. This is the very bottom of the hip. This femur head is lower than this femur head, by a good amount, which is causing the sacrum, right here, to drop to the left, making it unlevel. Now you’re getting that curvature. So the first part of this triangle is making sure that the structure fits, that the structure is straight. So that’s the first side of the triangle is structure. Next we work with emotion. you might say “Now wait a minute. You’re a chiropractor. Why are you working with emotion?” Now remember, I’m a wellness  coach. You must address the emotions of the patient. So what we’re talking about is when people are stressed they run generally, what we call sympathetic dominance, or uptight, fight or flight. In your autonomic nervous system, which is the nervous system that happens automatically, there are two parts, sympathetic and parasympathetic. Parasympathetic is going to be more of relaxation, where sympathetic is going to be uptight fight or flight. Because of the emotions, it will cause you to be in this uptight fight or flight mode all the time. Emotions from your past situations, past experiences that cause stress. So if we can help you to come from a stress point to a balanced point, that’s what we want to do. Now we’ll discuss this concept of emotional release in a future webcast. For right now know that we work with emotion and help let those past emotions go. The third part of the triangle is physiology. Physiology we’re determining or looking at treating layers of infection and supporting organ systems where those infections have been. So if you think about it, if you look here on my stomach, here we’ve got in my digestive tract my large intestine, my small intestine, I might have layers of infection, like fungus, parasites, all sores of stuff. It’s very, very common that you get junk growing in your gut, which causes all sorts of things happening. So we want to determine if you have those layers of infection. If so, we want to get rid of them. Then we actually want to get in and help repair the tissue. Take the colon, for example, many times our colon is wide open, allowing toxins to pass through the colon. So we want to do is help you to heal it to where those holes are much less there. They’re much smaller. That’s part of what we’ve been talking about. So again in repass, we’re looking at the triangle of health, structure, emotion, and physiology. I hope to see you on a future broadcast and have a wonderful, wonderful day.

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