Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and today I wanted to talk to you about entering school again. Now today is the end of August. Our kids start back to school within the next couple of weeks and what should you do to get them back into school and get them ready to build their immune systems. It’s amazing that everybody’s pretty well during the summer time. We’ve got a lot of breeze running through our houses. The windows are all open. It just feels nice and fresh, but as soon as school starts we put 30-40 kids into the same room for eight hours a day and you start to breathe and get the different germs going on. Stressors happen. It’s not necessarily that there’s germy people in the school, it’s the stressors in us. We have stress with school or we have stress with the amount of sugar that we’re eating. A lot of times there’s treats given because of the school. You get cupcakes, back to school nights, all the things starting there. The stress starts the immune system to drop. Also, you’re now horsing around out at recess. A lot of the kids get tipped over, knocked down, get vertebrae. Subluxated vertebrae is a misaligned vertebrae. When that’s misaligned the energy does not flow well. Referring over here to this. Each one, we discussed previously, but each one of these vertebrae runs to an organ system. So if I click on C5 that runs to the thyroid. So if you misalign C5, the energy to the thyroid diminishes and you’ll notice also that it goes down the arms. Every one of these vertebrae run to an organ system. So if T3 misaligns, there’s diminishment of energy to the lung. So there’s maybe a greater chance for asthma, or a greater chance for picking up a chest cold, because the immune system is directly related to the nervous system. The nervous system is part of the brain and the spinal cord, out into the organs. So it’s got to come down and through the vertebrae. When they misalign, the energy doesn’t pass well. So I’d encourage you to get in and get an adjustment. Have your children checked. The Pro Adjuster will actually go down and check each vertebrae, seeing which one doesn’t work well, which ones aren’t moving. By a higher sine wave that we’re watching here, lets us know if the vertebrae is out of alignment. So we’re able to get the children adjusted and of course, your parents. Once the kids are back in school the parents can relax for a little bit. However, then comes the homework. So it’s not such a relax I guess.

With school, you know, the sugar. Basically, once school starts, over the next nine months we have so many holidays that represent sugar that we’ll notice that about as soon as Halloween comes, sugar increases because of Halloween candy and the amount of people coming in from being sore throated, runny nose, cough, increases as well. So you might want to consider minimizing the amount of sugar that the kids are on. You might want to consider, just do it, minimize the amount of sugar. Sugar drops the immune system.

So get an adjustment. Watch the sugar. Build their immune system with vitamin C. I’ve got a wonderful supplement here we call Thymassure. Thymassure supports the thymus gland, which is in charge of the immune system. Another good one is the adrenal glands. They often go weakened. The adrenal glands and the brain, so I usually supplement children oft times with Adrenix to support the adrenal glands and Cerra-Logic to support brain function. Omega 3 oil, the fish oil is very important as well, to have them take a fish oil with every meal. That helps them build their brain function too.

So get them adjusted. Watch when they fall down. Get them in for an adjustment when their falling and playing at recess and just have fun. Have fun with them. So until next time, have a great, great day.

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